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Monument Academy Overview

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The Academy

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MissionThe Quincy School District Improvement Plan cites two goals that will be embraced within the mission of The Academy.  All students will show growth on state and district assessments. Gaps involving poverty and language barriers will be eliminated.  The Academy, like every class in the district, embraces these goals and aspires to provide a challenging and progressive education for district students.


Vision:  Our vision is to engender a program that provides challenges and empowerment to students in the form of critical thinking and writing activities.  Students in The Academy will help craft their education by taking risks, struggling through challenges, and serving their community.  Problems will be a part of class daily, as we acknowledge that a big part of life is being able to solve problems that we will encounter.   


The Contract:  Securing a spot in The Academy takes place each day in class as students demonstrate a learning attitude and strong worth ethic even in the face of adversity.  Students maintain their spot in The Academy based on fulfilling the parent/student contract which is contingent upon community service, contributions to the school, and academic performance.  If the student is unable to meet these standards, a spot in the homeroom classroom will be acquired where success can be obtained. 


Who will benefit from The Academy?  Our hope is that every student will eventually have the opportunity to benefit from The Academy.  We want every student to be successful, and will work to help them move forward and upward.  The program in the first phase will start out with a Language Arts emphasis in grades 4 through 8 with one section at each grade level.  As it is funded by the district and Highly Capable Grant funds, students who have been previously identified as Highly Capable will receive an invitation to join The Academy.  After the first few weeks of school, transfers will take place at the discretion of the school teams based on what environment will best help individual students succeed. 


Process for Application into The Academy:

  1. Parents, teachers, and students may refer a student to The Academy based on any of the following criteria: 
    1. Outstanding academic performance as measured by classroom assessments, state assessments and/or learning projects. 
    2. A love of reading and writing and desire to improve skills in these areas. 
    3. An established work ethic and ability to push through challenging situations. 
    4. An extraordinary ability or skill. 
    5. A hunger for learning and exploration. 
    6. Evidence that the student may not have been perfectly compliant in a traditional classroom, but is willing to think for themselves, create educational opportunities for themselves based on their own life experiences, and facilitate learning on daily basis for themselves.
    7. Willingness to make goals and achieve them in an effort to better their lives. 
    8. On-going participation in community service projects and betterment efforts in behalf of family, school, and community. 
  2. Student will submit a referral to The Academy teachers or the office.
  3. The school team will review the application and solicit more information as necessary. 
  4. The student may be interviewed and asked to work on skills in certain areas, to make goals and track them, and to prepare to enter the program (already part of the school student learning plan process for every student).  This process could take place over the course of the year.  If the student succeeds in these steps and a spot in the program opens during the year, the student may be invited to take this spot depending on their position on the waiting list. 


Monument Elementary

1400 13th Ave. SW

Quincy, WA 98848

Phone: 509-787-9826

Fax: 509-787-8974
Hours: Mon 9:30-2:55, Tues-Fri: 8:10-2:55

Principal:  Marcia Hershaw

Assistant Principal: Debra Knox

School Counselor: Dianne Stewart

Administrative Assistant: Jan Alexander

Administrative Assistant: Donna Zepeda-Lopez

Parent Liaison: Mary Castro