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Interim Block Assessments

Quincy Junior High School is taking the Interim Block Assessments in our math, English and Language Arts (ELA), and social studies classes this year. These assessments are designed to assess how well students are meeting the common core standards for their grade level in a given content area. They can also be used as predictors of success for students as they approach the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC) given in May. This is cutting edge work for middle level schools in our state. These interim assessments give our students practice using the SBAC tools on their computers, practice seeing SBAC style questions, practice answering SBAC level depth of knowledge questions and, hopefully, confidence and persistence that will help them when the SBAC test is finally given. The interim assessments also give teachers and students a clear understanding of how well prepared students are for the SBAC and which areas they will need to focus their attention. Now we have some accurate assessments to measure our students’ progress and we can make adjustments in our teaching and learning to get the results that we want. This is huge!
Our Social Studies department has brought student data results from the Informational Text and Research interim assessment to the staff. This data will benefit every teacher in our building. I look forward to every staff member being able to use this data to guide their instruction and strengthen students’ skills in this area. If parents have any questions about the interim assessments or want to check on their child’s progress they can contact Mr. Ramsey, their child’s math, ELA or social studies teacher.

Things have been a little slower this winter with the Quincy Junior High Drone Club with the weather the way it has been, but we have still been able to get our JH students flying inside the school building, practicing on the flight simulator, and getting some repairs done (a number of our drones really took a beating when our drone club was presenting at the Wenatchee Mini MakerFaire back in October).

Drone 1Drone 2

A few other things on the horizon for the club:  the students want to demonstrate their drone skills at a student assembly this spring (and probably try to rope in an unsuspecting teacher, principal, superintendent, or assistant superintendent to fly as well) and do some FPV (First Person View) flying through obstacles and race gates.  Also, we have our 3D printer on the way!  We are planning on making a lot of drone frames and parts; the kids are really excited about this.

On Thursday, January 26th, several of us from the JH Drone Club were at Mountain View Elementary’s Science and Engineering night where we had some drones, FPV systems, and a flight simulator on display.  Several of our students demonstrated their drones flying skills, and hopefully inspired some Mt. View students to get involved in the exciting world of drone technology. 

Drone 3Drone 4

We are hoping for some warmer weather soon so we can get outside for some flying!  Thanks again to Microsoft for funding our club and all the rest of you for your interest and support.

Quincy Junior High School

417 C Street SE
Quincy, WA 98848

Phone: 509-787-4435
Fax: 509-787-8949

Hours: Mon 9:30-3:00, Tues-Fri: 8:15-3:00

Principal: Mr. Ramsey

Administrative Assistant:
Mrs. Perez
Administrative Assistant:
Mrs. Valdez
Dean of Students:
Mr. Elliott
School Counselor:
Mr. Sill
Parent Liaison:
Mrs. Mendoza
Athletic Director:
Mrs. Goninan

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