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Scholarship Newsletter / Spanish Version




Find the local scholarship list on the Quincy High School website www.qsd.wednet.edu – Schools – Quincy High School – School Info – Departments – Counseling & Career Center – Scholarships. 


  • Thursday February 21st at 3:15 pm 
    Order transcripts from Mrs. McKay in the Counseling & Career Center.
  • Thursday February 28th at 3:15 pm
    All scholarships (other than ‘Student Mails’ and ‘Student Submits Online’) are due to the Counseling & Career Center.

No late scholarships will be accepted.

A completed scholarship application packet should be put together in a clear-covered folder (unless the scholarship states otherwise). All information should be typed. You may use photocopies of letters of recommendation and of your transcript in the packets. Put each packet together in the following order unless the scholarship states otherwise.

Page 1 - Cover Page (Name of scholarship & your name)

Page 2 - Scholarship Application

Page 3 – Goal Statement Essay (helpful hints available in the Counseling & Career Center)

Page 4 – Resume/Activity List (helpful hints available in the Counseling & Career Center)

Page 5 – Transcript

Page 6-8 - Three Letters of Recommendation (2 Staff & 1 Community Member)

Additional Hints

Read scholarship descriptions carefully – you won’t qualify for all of them.

Check deadlines on the ‘Student Mails' and 'Student Submist Online’ applications – make sure your application will arrive at the final destination before the deadline.

Follow the application instructions; read instructions again when putting the application together to be sure you have everything. Not doing so will cost you a scholarship.

Rotary Application – be sure to check which scholarship(s) you are applying for. They will throw it away if you don’t.

Ask for recommendation letters several weeks before the deadline. Be polite and appreciative, these letters are very time consuming. Be sure to send a thank you.

Check in the Counseling & Career Center for report covers. Use one with a clear cover.

ALWAYS SAVE TO AT LEAST 1 BACKUP. You don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute to retype everything if your computer goes down.

  pdf Scholarship Prep Packet 2019 (203 KB)


Student Name:                                                                Date of Request:                      

Birth Date:                                                                      Student ID Number:                





Please give to Mrs. McKay in the Counseling & Career Center by February 21st.

QHS Construction Progress

Quincy High School

16 Sixth Ave. SE
Quincy, WA 98848

Phone: (509) 787-3501
Fax: (509) 787-8989

 Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 


Dr. Marcus Pimpleton

Assistant Principal: Felicie Becker

 Assistant Principal: Marcia Hershaw

Athletic Director: Kaycie Tuttle/ Mark Kondo

 CTE Director: Nicole Monroe


 Admin Assistant: Yaneth Lopez

 Parent Liaison: Marisela De La Torre

 Attendance Secretary: Elena Ybarra

 Athletics/ASB Secretary: Jeannie Gates


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