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Principal Message from Mrs. Hershaw

Monument Elementary School

Mission: We encourage, educate, assist and challenge our students to grow as lifelong learners.

Thank you for the privilege of serving as your school principal!  It's hard to say good-bye to a long career, At the end of my five years at Monument, I've been reflecting on the strides we've made. Most importantly, we've all learned more about what good instruction looks and sounds like.  Students are frequently asked to "turn and talk" to a classmate about academic concepts and vocabulary.  We know this oral processing helps students make sense of what they are learning.  In another move toward student ownership of their own learning, all classrooms have daily Learning Targets posted.  This is an "I Can.." statement that describes what each student will be able to do upon successful mastery of the instruction.  Students should be able to tell you what their learning targets were after each day of school, as well as rate their current understanding from 1-4, with 3 being "meeting standard."  In a highly functioning classroom, we will hear lots of student talk, and it will be on topic.  We've added enriching experiences for your children, with our students receiving twice as much health and fitness instruction and activity as they had just four years ago!  Children have the benefit of an Art specialist here at Monument, who provides school-wide STEAM enrichment instruction to every child, every week!  

Monument students are respectful, and we thank them for it.  Our students’ favorite thing at Monument is the monthly PBIS experience!  Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is the system we use to teach students our expectations, and then reward them, sometimes with Monument Money for doing what’s expected.  Each month students can redeem their Monument money for a fun PE type-activity, craft, or game.  We've added a fantastic end of  the year pool party.    

The following opportunities allow for targeted support and development, the primary component of our school improvement plan:

  • Interventions for math, reading, and writing, specifically designed for small groups’ specific academic needs
  • Higher-level daily interventions are included in our support plan for qualifying students
  • Academic Competition Groups (Math is Cool, Math Counts)
  • After School Tutoring
  • Band, Choir, and Recorder Club
  • Clubs (Drama, Math)
  • FAB 5 – After school program (Quincy Recreation Department)

In our quest to increase family involvement opportunities, which is an important part of our school improvement plan, we hosted some fun and informative events this year:

  • Family Engineering Night
  • Student-led conferences
  • Open House

Family members are invited to fill out volunteer packets in the office and arrange with their child’s teacher to chaperone field trips and/or help in the classroom. .  

We believe in fostering learning opportunities outside of the classroom and therefore we try to strategically plan educational field trips and activities for students.  Here is a list of some of the trips and activities students participated in:

  • Annual 4th Grade Field Trip (Seattle, Woodland Park Zoo, Tillicum Village, Dinner on the beach)
  • 4th grade Geology tour
  • Solar Car building and races (Grade 5)
  • Campus visit at Central Washington University (Grade 6)

At Monument we celebrate student success!  Each month we invite family to celebrate Students of the Month.  Students are nominated for Student of the Month by their teachers for having success academically or for the Character Trait of the month. 

Monument’s facilities served the Quincy community in many ways this year.  Many local youth sports teams used the building and fields for events, including the Quincy Junior High Basketball teams (boys & girls), QJHS Softball team, and Local Youth Basketball leagues.  Of course the building is also home to over 600 students and 70 staff members every day – Monument is a busy place!  Thankfully we have a wonderful facility to meet all the school and community needs and a top-notch custodial and maintenance team that keep the school in tip-top shape.

We appreciate the support of parents in our improvement endeavors.  As a team, we can help every student succeed.  There are some basic expectations that we have at Monument for each student when they go home each night.

  1. Sleep at least 8 hours
  2. Students should read for 20 minutes every night (Spanish or English).
  3. Students should practice basic math facts (1-9, division, multiplication).  Flash Cards!
  4. Complete other assigned homework

Our school breakfasts and lunches are delicious!  Plan to have your students eat right before morning recess each day.  Students who do these things experience success during the day.  We look forward to working with you at your convenience to help your student succeed.  This message represents the feedback, ideas, and initiatives proposed and offered by numerous parents, staff members, and students.  I am always looking for feedback and ideas on how we can better serve our students.  Please call if you have questions and ideas.

Marcia Hershaw                                      Sue Sartain      

787-9826 x 3533                                  787-9826 x 3570

Principal                                              Assistant Principal


Monument Elementary

1400 13th Ave. SW
Quincy, WA 98848

Phone: 509-787-9826
Fax: 509-787-8974

Hours: Mon 9:30-2:55, Tues-Fri: 8:10-2:55

Principal: Lisa Navarro-Uvila

Assistant Principal:
Sue Sartain

School Counselor:
Dianne Stewart

Administrative Assistant:
Maxine Marshall

Administrative Assistant:
Donna Zepeda-Lopez

Parent Liaison:
Mary Castro

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