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Mission Statement

We work together with students, parents, administration, and the community to provide quality learning opportunities, to encourage students to reach their individual learning potentials.

Mascot, Theme, & Color

The Monument mascot was officially adopted in 1999 when Monument was opened.

  • The school mascot is the Monument Eagles.
  • The school theme is “Soaring to new heights!”
  • The school colors are hunter green, burgundy, & colonial blue

Students and Facilities

  • Monument has about 620 4th-6th grade students
  • 4th grade classrooms:  7; 1 self-contained classroom and 3 pairs (2 teacher team)
  • 5th grade classrooms:  9; 4 pairs (2 teacher team), and 1 self-contained classroom
  • 6th grade classrooms: 7; 1 self-contained classroom and 3 pairs (2 teacher team)
  • 9 Specialist classrooms
  • 8 classrooms in portables
  • Document cameras and projectors in each classroom
  • Two Carts of Chromebooks for each grade level, plus one for specialists
  • Cafeteria with a stage and a separate gymnasium
  • Students and staff take pride in keeping our school clean

Our behavior expectations at Monument are found in every classroom and throughout the building. Students are taught the expectations at the beginning of the year by their teachers and then systematically during the year. By teaching the expectations and reminding them every day of the commitment we all have to those expectations, referrals for misbehavior have significantly gone down each year. We reinforce students for their positive choices by verbally praising them, giving them Monument Money they can purchase rewards with, and the Student of the Month positive recognition assemblies held every month. Our teachers, staff, and parents work together for our awesome students and we thank every one of them.

Deb Knox

Assistant Principal

All Behavior is Chosen to Align with these Three Personal Standards

1. Be Respectful

2. Make Good Decisions

3. Solve the Problem

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Academic Progress and Expectations

The state under the direction of the federal government is changing the evaluation system of educators and also requiring action when a school is underperforming.  Lists have been published by the state that identify schools that are struggling based on the MSP.  Monument is on one of those lists along with most of the schools in our district.  We have a district plan to help our students succeed that we are currently implementing. 

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As those of you who have been in the district for some time are aware, our Kindergarten through sixth grade has been doing standards based grading for a few years.  The following criteria is used to measure student learning:  

The Academy

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MissionThe Quincy School District Improvement Plan cites two goals that will be embraced within the mission of The Academy.  All students will show growth on state and district assessments. Gaps involving poverty and language barriers will be eliminated.  The Academy, like every class in the district, embraces these goals and aspires to provide a challenging and progressive education for district students.

Monument Elementary

1400 13th Ave. SW
Quincy, WA 98848

Phone: 509-787-9826
Fax: 509-787-8974

Hours: Mon 9:30-2:55, Tues-Fri: 8:10-2:55

Principal: Marcia Hershaw

Assistant Principal:
Sue Sartain

School Counselor:
Dianne Stewart

Administrative Assistant:
Jan Alexander

Administrative Assistant:
Donna Zepeda-Lopez

Parent Liaison:
Mary Castro

Upcoming Events

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