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3/4 to 3/8: Dr. Seuss week

3/10: Daylight Savings begins, turn your clock ahead one hour

3/12: Parent Volunteer Committee meeting, 3:15 pm in the library. We are in the process of nominating a president and secretary. If you are interested, please attend the meeting for more information. Child care will be provided.

3/21: Kindergarten Registration 5:30 to 7 pm

3/25: iant Reward Recess, 2:15 pm

3/26: Early release at 11:30 am for conferences; 12 to 3 pm and 4 to 7 pm

3/27: Early release at 11:30 am for conferences; 12 to 3 pm and 4 to 6:30 pm

3/28: Early release at 11:30 am for conferences; 1 to 3 pm

3/29: Early Release, 11:30 am

4/1 to 4/5: No school – Spring Break

Recordatorio de marzo

3/4 – 3/8 Semana de Dr. Seuss

3/10 Cambien los relojes una hora adelante

3/12 Junta De Padres Voluntarios @ 3:15 en la librería. Si hay cuidado de niños.

3/21 Registraciones de Kínder @ 5:30- 7pm

3/25 Recreo Gigante @ 2:15

3/26 Salida temprano @ 11:30 Conferencias 12-3pm, 4-7pm

3/27 Salida temprano @ 11:30 Conferencias 12-3pm, 4-6:30pm

3/28 Salida temprano @ 11:30 Conferencias 12-3pm

3/29 Salida temprano @ 11:30

4/1- 4/5 No Hay Escuela (Vacaciones de Primavera)

Estimado’s Padres,

Les estoy pidiendo su ayuda con dejar y recoger a sus estudiantes. Yo se que tenemos espacios limitados para estacionarse cuando vienen a la escuela. El estacionamiento era cambiado durante la construcción de la escuela y por eso les pido que si pueden tener paciencia cuando están dejando y recogiendo a sus estudiantes.

  • No es permitido estacionarse en el cruzadero de los estudiantes.
  • Cuando dejando y recogiendo a su estudiante llega al espacio más adelante que pueden.
  • Por favor no se estacionen a lado de otro carro por que llego no pueden pasar los demás carros.
  • Si tienen que ir adentro de la escuela por favor buscan un lugar para estacionarse. Si no hay espacios llegó pueden usar el área donde recogen los estudiantes, pero lo más adelante posible para dejar a los demás tener espacio para recoger y dejar a sus estudiantes.

Aprecio su cooperación en ayudarnos con la seguridad de los estudiantes durante estos tiempos más ocupados cuando están dejando y recogiendo los estudiantes.

Estamos buscando Padres para el CPV (Comité de Padres Voluntarios). Vamos a tener las juntas el segundo martes de cada mes a las 3:15 en la librería de la escuela. La siguiente junta va ser el 12 de marzo. Va a ver cuidado de niños para la junta. Si gustas ayudar con el comité o tienes preguntas del CPV vengan a la junta el 12 de marzo.


Curt Schutzmann



I am asking for your help with student drop off and pick up here at George. I know that we have limited parking spots that are available to you when you come to the building. Our parking lot was changed during the construction project and I would like to ask for your help, understanding and most of all your patience when dropping off your student(s) in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon.

  • Please avoid parking in the crosswalk or blocking any part of the crosswalk
  • Pull forward as far as you can when you are dropping off or picking up your student(s)
  • Please do not double park (park alongside another vehicle) this blocks the flow of traffic and prevents others from leaving
  • Please park in any available parking spots in the parking lot if you have business to conduct in the building. If there are no parking spots open, pull as far forward in the drop off/pick up lane as possible to provide easier access for others as they are dropping off/picking up their students

I appreciate your cooperation in helping us to keep students safe during the busy times of the day as students are getting dropped off and picked up from school.

We are looking for a couple of parents/guardians to serve as president and secretary on our Parent Volunteer Committee (PVC). We will be meeting on the second Tuesday of every month at 3:15 pm in the library. Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 12th. Child care will be provided. If you are interested in filling one of these positions or are curious about the PVC come join us on the 12th.

Thank you,

Curt Schutzmann


George Parents and Families,


In addition to Mr. Boyd's message and the introduction of the SafeSchool's Alert reporting system, I would like to share with you a little bit about school safety here at George Elementary. Each month we conduct a safety drill. These drills are outlined in the district safety plan and provide us with the opportunity to stay up to date with state and district requirments. 

There is more to school safety however, than practicing emergency drills. We strive to provide a safe and welcoming school environment for our students. Our staff work hard to help students be safe and feel safe when they are here. There are times when there is an incident that happens between students and it is not observerd by school staff. When we are aware of them, we make sure to take the time to work with the students involved and take the necessary actions for the incident. I want you to know that when there is a problem between students here at school and we become aware of it, we will look into it and work with the students involved. 

Sometimes there are incidents between students that school staff don't observe or are unaware of. If you as a parent or guardian are informed of an incident with your student at school or on the school bus, please contact the school and we will follow up right away. The new SafeSchools Alert will hopefully provide parents and students with a quick and easy process to report incidents.

In closing, I would like to share with you the definition of bullying that we use when addressing student incidents. Whether we determine if an incident is bullying or not based on this definition, we will make sure to take the time and work with students to get the matter settled. 

Bullying is when one or more people hurt somebody's body, feelings, or even their things on purpose. Bullying actions usually happen over and over and over. Bullying is trying to have power over somebody.

If you have any questions about school safety, bullying or the SafeSchools Alert system, please contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions, and if we don't know, we will find out.


Thank you,

 Curt Schutzmann

I would like to share a message with you from Mr. John Boyd, Superintendent of Schools.


Dear Parents,

In an ongoing effort to help ensure the safety of all of our students, the Quincy School District has introduced the use of a new reporting system that you can use to report incidents to the school. The SafeSchools Alert system i set up and avialable for use. There are five ways that the system can be utilized:

  1. App: Search for SafeSchools Alert in the App Store to download for free
  2. Phone: 1-855-4ALERT1, ext. 1522
  3. Text: Text #1522 + your tip to ALERT1 or 253781
  4. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  5. Online: http://1522.alert.us

This reporting service allows you to easily report bullying, harassment, drugs, vandalism, threats of violence, or any safety issue you are concerned about through SafeSchools Alert. When you submit a tip, be sure to use our distric's identification code: 1522 in your communication. 

Every SafeSchools Alert that is received about our district is immediately logged in the system and our adminstration is notified so that they can investigate and take appropriate action. Tips may also be submitted anonymously if you prefer.

Together, using SafeSchools Alert, we can make our district a safer place to work and learn!


George Elementary

401 S. Washington Way
Quincy, WA 98848

Phone: 509-785-2244

Mon 9:30-3:00
Tues-Fri: 8:10-3:00

Mr. Curt Schutzmann

Sonja Arizemedi

School Counselor
Janice Harmon

Parent Liaison
Jessica Trevino

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