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Quincy's Promise


A. Gaytley

We are pleased to announce the selection for our next Director of Teaching and Learning. Through a rigorous hiring process, Alicen Gaytley has been selected to serve the district in this position and will start on July 1, 2019. Ms. Gaytley comes to us from the Wenatchee School District where she presently serves as the Assistant Director of Instructional Programs. In this role, she oversees programs such as AVID and Highly Capable and is the Advanced Placement Exam coordinator. Prior to this experience, she served as an instructional coach, taught 2nd and 4th grade, and also English abroad in Hyogo, Japan. Alicen is a National Board Certified Teacher and her expertise has been featured in WERA, WSASCD and Teach to Lead conferences across the state and nation.

During the hiring process, Alicen displayed a clear vision for the position of Director of Teaching and Learning and articulated a plan to help students, teachers, and administrators achieve Quincy’s Promise. Her background as an instructional coach and Assistant Director will be an asset to our district and will continue the outstanding work started this year in the Teaching and Learning Department. We would like to thank Dr. Amy Torrens-Harry for all that she has done this year as the Director of T&L to move the Quincy School District forward!

The city of Quincy has begun construction on the new roundabout project at the intersection of Highway 28 and 13th Ave. SW.  As a result of this construction, traffic to Monument School has been impacted. We have arranged for an alternative route to school for our students that arrive by car. To avoid construction and the impact of traffic we are recommending some alternative routes for dropping off and picking up students.

               * From Highway 28 down Seventh Avenue to the corner of N Street SW students can 
                 begin walking on the walking trail.

               * From Highway 28 to the end of 10th Ave., SW students can join the walking path.

Either one of these points could be used as a safe drop off or pick up point through the end of the school year. Please drive safely at 25 MPH and be aware of students on the roads. We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.



February 13, 2019

Webphoto Pimpleton Becker
The Quincy School District is pleased to announce the decision to remove the “interim” status from High School Principal Marcus Pimpleton and High School Assistant principal Felicie Becker and give them continuing status as administrators in the Quincy School District. Mr. Pimpleton was hired for the high school principal last summer. Shortly after Mr. Pimpleton was hired, Mike Carlson accepted a position in another district, and we appointed Felicie Becker. Both Mr. Pimpleton and Ms. Becker were hired as interim principals given the time of the year they were hired. 

Dr. James Howard, from Northwest leadership and Associates, spent a full day at Quincy High School talking to teachers, students, and parents to get feedback about the two administrators. Dr. Howard also received numerous emails from those unable to attend the feedback sessions during the day. Based on the feedback from the high school, district leaders and school board, I have made the decision to designate them as continuing administrators. All feedback was shared with Ms. Becker and Dr. Pimpleton, and I am confident they will continue to develop their leadership skills, community involvement, and commitment to an equitable and rigorous education. Both administrators have made meaningful contributions by establishing a positive building climate with a focus on classroom instruction and social emotional wellbeing of Quincy High School students. Please join me in congratulating Mr. Pimpleton and Ms. Becker.

Thank you, 

John Boyd, superintendent


13 de febrero del 2019

El Distrito Escolar de Quincy está contento en anunciar la decisión de eliminar el estado "provisional" del Director de la escuela secundaria a Marcus Pimpleton y la directora asistente de la escuela secundaria Felicie Becker y nombrarlos administradores permanentes en el Distrito Escolar de Quincy. El Sr. Pimpleton fue contratado para el director del la escuela secundaria el verano pasado.Poco después de que el Sr. Pimpleton fue contratado, Mike Carlson aceptó un puesto en otro distrito, y nosotros nombramos a Felicie Becker. Tanto el Sr. Pimpleton como la Sra. Becker fueron contratados como directores provisionales dado el momento del año en que fueron contratados.

El Dr. James Howard, del liderazgo y Asociados del Noroeste, pasó un día completo en la escuela secundaria de Quincy hablando con maestros, estudiantes y padres para recibir comentarios sobre los dos administradores. El Dr. Howard también recibió numerosos correos electrónicos de aquellos que no pudieron asistir a las sesiones durante el día. Sobre la base de los comentarios de la escuela secundaria, los líderes del distrito y la junta escolar, han tomado la decisión de designarlos como administradores permanentes. Todos los comentarios fueron compartidos con la Sra. Becker y el Dr. Pimpleton, y confío en que continuarán desarrollando sus habilidades de liderazgo, participación de la comunidad y compromiso con una educación equitativa y rigurosa. Ambos administradores han hecho contribuciones significativas estableciendo un clima de construcción positivo con un enfoque en la instrucción en el clase y el bienestar emocional social de los estudiantes de la escuela secundaria de Quincy. Por favor, únase a mí para felicitar al Sr. Pimpleton y a la Sra. Becker.

John Boyd, superintendente



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