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QHS Principal opening 2018

Interim HighSchoolPrincipalVacancy


Jim Howard, Northwest Leadership Associates



Dear Quincy School District Staff,

The Quincy Junior High School just released a video. The video is called Prevent the Chain, and it is a campaign against bullying. A lot of work went into the making of this video, and the same students put together an assembly for the school in order to officially premiere their video for the first time. Their passion and excitement for this topic has been incredible to watch. Please share this powerful message with your students. It takes five minutes to play it from start to finish.


Charged recently with creating a “Mario-like” animated figure that could walk, run and jump across a computer screen, students in a new computer science class at Quincy High School put their heads down and got right to work. Angel Bermudez was one of the first students to program his cartoon-like character to walk and turn across the screen. It took the senior only about 20 minutes. He was moving on to making his character jump.

Bermudez, who plans to attend Eastern Washington University next year, is considering a career in computer science or engineering. He’s taken just about every computer class at QHS, but this one is different, he said. The class is taught by Microsoft professionals via Skype. Students are using headsets and webcams in the online class. And it’s also more challenging for the computer savvy Bermudez.
“This is getting us involved in computers,” he said. “It’s building a base foundation in how computers work.”

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